Tori Lunden

$90 yoga pants not required

Person centered yoga in Edmonton, Treaty 6 territory.

Bad at accidentally showin' off my bits in class

Also known as the yoga wardrobe malfunction.

Those "only at Walmart" pages have nothing on a yoga class.

Underpants popping up over waistbands in forward bends are inevitable. Epic panty lines in warrior two just happen. Cute yoga tops that ride up and/or down in all the wrong places are everywhere. And most stretchy pants (yup,even those $90 pairs) are going to be a wee bit diaphanous in happy baby pose. 

Dudes, think you're exempt? Think again. Especially those of you that practice in running shorts.

And, it's all perfectly fine! Cheek peek happens, whatever. No one else in class really cares. I once had a boob pop out of my top while demonstrating wild thing pose in front of a class. The only thing to do was laugh, tuck it back in, and carry on. (That story was for you, @bets_on_stars). Loving my body means appreciating the parts that refuse to be tamed by luon and elastic. 

It's something to remember the next time I'm tempted to laugh at a photo of someone shopping at Walmart in tube top: many of my yoga teachers and/or students have seen enough of me to count as going to first base. 

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