Tori Lunden

$90 yoga pants not required

Person centered yoga in Edmonton, Treaty 6 territory.


"Class with Tori has always been a highlight of my week. Every week, she focused on us as individuals: how we were feeling mentally that week, what we had going on in our lives, and how our bodies were feeling as we laid out our mats and got ready for class. That individual focus led to each class feeling like it had been tailored to what we needed that day. We never spent our time working through routines and sequences of poses without thought to how those poses would specifically benefit us. It was an eye-opening and really refreshing way to think about and practice yoga, and I know I've taken so much more away from her classes than just tired legs."

- Jayson M.


"I come to class because you are open, and welcoming. I never leave your class feeling defeated, or bad because I couldn’t do some pose, even if it’s a day I can barely cross my legs. You have a very sincere way of meeting everyone where they are and your biggest strength is how accessible and un-intimidating you make yoga for anyone/everyone."

- Rachel F.


"Welcoming is just one word to describe Tori’s classes. Friendly and fun with a strong dose of humility, Tori also has sincere empathy for any aches, pains or conditions you may be experiencing where yoga can help. New to yoga, experienced or somewhere in between, you too will be “Bad at Yoga” in no time - did I mention she’s humble?"

- Scott S.


"I was so excited to find myself in one of Tori’s yoga classes a few years ago. I had experienced many classes lead by teachers with a historical understandings of yoga. Tori’s class was different. Tori is an incredible talent, she leads you through the physical practice all while broaching on the philosophical and spiritual. Tori creates a space of openness, acceptance and asks you to question your inner thoughts and the western societal norms that surround us. Tori continually pushes her students to raise awareness of the history, roots, complexity and challenges of the heritage from which yoga arises, all while engaging in light hearted fun! Tori creates a transformative experience with every class she teaches and inspires beyond the mat."

- Marin T.


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