Tori's Bad at Yoga

$90 yoga pants not required

Person centered yoga classes in central Edmonton. 



If I had to sum up what style of yoga I teach in one sentence it would be, "Simple stuff, done really well, based on who's in front of me."  

My priority is people, not yoga.

I am not a yoga teacher in the traditional sense that I operate from a specific style or lineage. Yoga is at its core a practice of revealing and  changing unhealthy habits in body and mind. My experience has been that there is no one way to accomplish this and that it looks a little different for everyone. I am continually pulling apart and putting back together the  tools I have gathered over the past decade in order to make them applicable to students. I am always learning and relearning- often from contradictory sources. The result is a creative and responsive style of teaching informed by what I see happening moment to moment in the bodies and minds in front of me. Most  postures and movements I use are technically simple with modifications as a rule rather than an exception. I endeavor to create a space where a person is free to practice as hard or as gentle as they need to on any given day. 


Because bending over to tie your shoes shouldn't hurt. Email me at