Tori Lunden

$90 yoga pants not required

Person centered yoga in Edmonton, Treaty 6 territory.


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Experience the Art Gallery of Alberta in a whole new way. Every class in a ten week session is held in a different exhibition room of the gallery providing participants with a chance to not only view the artwork but practice amidst it. Class themes draw on the surrounding artwork for a unique blend of movement and visual inspiration where each class is as different as the surrounding artwork. If you’re looking for one weekly yoga class but want to get creative and try different styles of yoga- this is the class for you. Classes are suitable for all levels. Beginners welcome. All movements and breath work are trauma sensitive.

Yoga For Strength

These slow moving, challenging classes are perfect if you are looking to  build stamina and strength along with increased mobility. While this is not a typical flow class, it does include some flow-like sequences that are easily modified for individual needs. Each class will typically include a wide variety of standing positions along with work that requires weight baring on hands such as planks. Each practice builds to a specific posture that is a little more challenging than the rest, doing this final pose is always optional.  These classes are heavily  influenced by Forrest Yoga and the work of Jules Mitchell. This class may not be suitable for all beginners or for folk’s rehabbing new injuries. All movements and breath work are trauma sensitive.


These gentle, all-level classes are a great way to venture into a new yoga practice and/or compliment your existing exercise regime. Each class combines a variety of functional mobility exercises with breath work, relaxation techniques, and feel-good stretching . Modification options are always given to accommodate personal wants and needs. These classes are heavily  influenced by the work of Katy Bowman and Paul Grilley. This class is great for beginners and folks who are rehabbing injuries. All movements and breath work are trauma sensitive.


These classes begin with gentle breathing exercises to calm the nervous system before moving onto sequences and postures that are designed to develop functional mobility. A perfect combination to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Classes are designed for all levels of experience, including people who have never practiced yoga before and those with injuries.  Each class ends with relaxing, supported postures to ease both body and mind. Breath work and movement is taught in a way that is trauma sensitive,  and the style is heavily influenced by  the work of Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews. The movements practiced in these classes are also heavily influenced by  the work Katy  Bowman.

Noon Hour Flow

These classes are designed for people working in an office environment who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. Based on participants requests each week we creatively  combine simple movements and stretches that will alleviate tension and increase mobility. Each class ends with a ten minute relaxation period. These classes are for all levels of experience, including people who have never done yoga before. These classes draw on a variety of yoga and movement styles depending on the needs and wants of the group.

Gentle Yoga

This small, trauma sensitive class is a relaxed environment where everyone is welcome and questions are encouraged. The goal of every practice is to chill-out and consciously release habitual tension. The exercises we do are simple, easy to follow, and can be easily modified for injuries and physical limitations. Each class ends with a guided relaxation exercise. 


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